Deboraks of Holt
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UK's finest range of shoes, handbags & accessories

Deborah's was established in 1998 and offers an extensive range of ladies shoes, bags and costume jewellery. Come and visit us and you'll find we have a unique collection of brands and styles. You'll always find something to suit your personal tastes. And if you are finding it difficult to choose, or need advice, our friendly, helpful staff are always on hand to assist and offer suggestions.

But it doesn't end there...

We believe your shopping experience should be pleasurable, something you look forward to. That's why we have a mix of the best of the traditional and modern in our beautiful, carpeted and air-conditioned shop.

You'll find timeless styles mixed with the best of the new. And every so often you'll come across the unexpected - a pair of shoes, an item of jewellery, a bag, that jumps out at you. And the atmosphere of our shop is relaxed. We have a sofa and armchair - which could come in handy if you've brought your husband along! He can be left reading the paper in comfort, while you have a good browse and try things on!

One customer remarked of our shop...

"It's like walking around someone's comfortable home with all sorts of treats."

Our reputation is growing. Customers are seeking out our shop from all over Britain.

another customer commented...

"I went all the way to London to find something different but just couldn't find anything I liked. I wish I had come here first. You have a better selection of shoes and bags than I've seen anywhere."

So why not join them? Come and visit our shop in Holt and we will give you a very warm welcome!

Alternatively if you cannot come and see us in person please feel free to visit our sister shop Bags and Bangles.